The City’s Drainage Assistance Program

The number of requests for Drainage Assistance Projects and larger capital projects to solve street flooding and neighborhood drainage issues grows each year.  

Blair Hinkle, Stromwater Manager

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The City Council of the City of Raleigh met in a work session at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, March 21, 2016 in the City Council Chamber, Room 201 of the Raleigh Municipal Building, Avery C. Upchurch Government Complex, 222 W. Hargett Street, Raleigh, North Carolina, with the following present.

Mayor Nancy McFarlane, Presiding

Councilor Mary-Ann Baldwin

Councilor Corey D. Branch

Councilor David Cox

Councilor Kay C. Crowder

Councilor Bonner Gaylord (Arrived late)

Councilor Russ Stephenson

Councilor Dickie Thompson


These are summary minutes unless otherwise indicated.

Mayor McFarlane called the meeting to order.

City Manager Ruffin Hall indicated this is the second in a series of budget preview meetings. He gave a brief overview of the items to be presented at today’s meeting and indicated Staff will request that Council approve the user fee recommendations, which will be presented later in the meeting.

Interim Budget Manager Ben Canada gave a brief description of the items to be presented at today’s meeting noting copies of Staff’s PowerPoint presentations were included in the agenda packets. Mr. Canada also introduced the staff members making the presentations.

The following items were discussed with actions taken as shown.


Stormwater Manager Blair Hinkle presented the following information:

Good afternoon.

Thank you for the opportunity to be here today to talk about the Stormwater Program.

The goals for this presentation are to:

  1. Briefly discuss the Stormwater Program’s five major service areas;
  2. Provide a few budget highlights;
  3. Discuss our service pressure points and what we see as opportunities for improvement to our level of service;
  4. And finally, to talk about where we are in terms of our rate, and some opportunities that we see there;

So, to begin, a general overview of the Stormwater Management Program:

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Email to City Council Members – David Simonton (4/5/2016)

From: David Simonton
To: City Council Members
CC: Jimmy Upchurch, Blair Hinkle, Nick Sadler, Eric Haugaard
Date: Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 9:29 AM
Subject: Tonight’s Agenda Item (Re: Lorimer Road)

Dear Council Members and Others,

In advance of my appearance this evening before the City Council, a more detailed accounting than my 3 minutes will permit. Thank you.

–    –     –

Re: Street Improvement Petition #1351 – Lorimer Road

This petition, for the installation of a sidewalk with street improvements on Lorimer Road between Kaplan Road and Garland Drive, was presented to residents—specifically, those living south of Onslow Road—as a way to end their decades-old stormwater problems. The question is: will it? Continue reading