North & South Lorimer Road

[In Progress]



Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 10.17.54 PM.jpg
Northern end in blue, southern end in red.

The project comprises the length of Lorimer Road between Kaplan Drive (south) and Garland Drive (north). This length of road is intersected by Onslow Road, which is a dirt road, and Bushy Branch Creek; approximately two-thirds of the project length lies south of Onslow, and one-third is north of Onslow.

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Whereas the majority of property owners living south of Onslow Road signed the petition, the majority of property owners living north of Onslow Road did not –

N Lorimer w:Onslow.jpg
The northern end of Lorimer Rd, between Onslow Rd & Garland Drive. Also known as the 1200 block.

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Lorimer Road north of Onslow Road doesn’t have the stormwater issues that (four) properties south of Onslow do –


This map approximates the flow and drainage patterns based on the topography.  Very little of the stormwater falling on the ground actually drains towards the right-of-way where it could be collected in the curb and gutter on Lorimer and diverted to, ultimately, the creek.  Instead, most of the stormwater along this block hits the ground and, instead of shedding toward the street, sheds directly toward the creek and Onslow Road.

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