Neighborhood Meetings

Three meetings were held to discuss the Lorimer Road petition, petition process and other neighborhood matters. These meetings were held at Western Boulevard Presbyterian Church.

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From: Erin Salmon
Date: Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 11:43 PM
Subject: Sept 21 Neighborhood Meeting – short update

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to send out a quick thank you to those that attended last night’s meeting. We had a great turnout with 23 neighbors present. Here is a quick overview of topics we discussed. Complete minutes will be coming, as soon as they are organized and put into PDF format [below].

The main topic was the Petition/Resolution for street and sidewalk improvements to Lorimer Road. I presented a lot of information, which I had compiled over the past three weeks. This information came from many conversations with various departments and divisions of the City of Raleigh, as well as other institutes and agencies. I was fortunate enough to speak with Jimmy Upchurch for an hour yesterday prior to the meeting to gather information around the petition process itself, as well as the construction and design process that comes after. For those of you unfamiliar with Jimmy Upchurch, he is the Assessment Supervisor for the Public Works Department’s Design/Construction Division. That means that he is the head of the Assessments and Petitions section of this division. All assessments and petitions go through him. The minutes to come will detail the information he gave me, which I gave at the meeting, and the discussion which followed.

Information from Scott Bryant from the C.O.R. Stormwater Management Advisory Commission, Eric Lamb, the Manager of the Dept of City Planning’s Office of Transportation Planning, Doug Smith, an Hydrologist with the USGS, Leslie Eldredge, the Deputy City Clerk, Eric Hodge from the Board of Adjustments, and Adam Spiller, an engineer involved with the monitoring of Bushy Branch Creek at Kentwood Park as part of the NC Ecosystem Enhancement Program was also shared and discussed.

I am excited to say that I made a few more contacts with the city this evening at the West CAC meeting. Vivian Ekstrom, a planner with the Dept of City Planning’s Long Range Planning Division is looking into both the zoning of Bushy Branch Creek, and information around the proposed Greenway along Onslow Road for me. Jonathan Edwards is a Community Specialist with the Housing and Neighborhoods Dept, and he was very helpful when there was citizen confusion around a vote that took place tonight to rezone land on Gorman Street near Avent Ferry Road, which is currently zoned as Conservation Management land. Lisa Potts is a Senior Greenway Planner, who I did not have a chance to meet, as she left the meeting before it was over, but whom I will be contacting tomorrow.

Many of the people I spoke with are happy to attend neighborhood meetings to answer citizen questions and address concerns. Along with attendance from our City Councilors, we can receive current and accurate information with regards to city policy and city council decision making procedures.

It was requested last night that we have another meeting to continue this multifaceted conversation around the Lorimer Road project. The discussion is not over.

Thanks for reading to the end, and I look forward to continuing this community dialogue and organization. —Sincerely, Erin Salmon

Click below for Meeting Minutes:

September 21, 2015 -PDF

October 5, 2015 -PDF *

October 20, 2015PDF **

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* Email from Nick Sadler to Erin Salmon (CC: Louis Buonpane), October 5, 2015, 3:58pm —


I wanted to write to recap our conversation from today.

After meeting with your group tonight please pass along any questions your group has about the sidewalk/street improvement project approved by Council. I will be sure to get those to staff to answer.

I will be happy to route the stormwater issues for Onslow to our stormwater staff. They can decide from that point how to handle the issue; group or individually.

I have attached the Request & Petition of Citizens to City of Raleigh Council. As I mentioned, the form is due back to the City Clerk by 12:00pm on Tuesday of the week preceding the scheduled Council Meeting. You are correct that the next night meeting in November 3, 2015.

I hope this has been helpful.


** Invitation to October 20th Meeting —

Erin's Meeting Invite.jpeg