This website is intended as a record of, and repository for, all things related to:

Street Improvement Petiton (#1351) – Lorimer Road

– including Intent Resolution (2015) 141Directing Resolution (2015) 187 and Lorimer Road Street Project (PW# 2014_0012) [click on “Petition”].

Let it also serve as a cautionary tale for other older Raleigh neighborhoods: Don’t Let What Happened Here Happen to You!

E-mail correspondence to, from and between City officials and staff members regarding City of Raleigh matters are subject to the North Carolina Public Records Law, and were disclosed by an authorized City of Raleigh Official through Public Records Requests.* E-mail attachments—charts, maps, illustrations, etc.—were similarly obtained.

Resident information was obtained from public sources: iMAPS, zillow.com, LinkedIn, etc.

Facebook posts published here are from the public Facebook group Lorimer Rd Raleigh.

* Public Records Requests were submitted by Lorimer Road residents Carolyn Parker, Erin Salmon. David Simonton and Marcus Williamson and fulfilled by Michael Williams, Assistant Communications Director, Public Affairs Department, City of Raleigh.

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