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Raleigh City Council Chamber

Raleigh City Council

City Council Member Kay Crowder (District D) – Presided over the April 1, 2015 neighborhood meeting held to introduce the Lorimer Road project—conducted nearly 4 1/2 months after the petition was issued and in the petitioner’s (Donna Burford’s) hands. Some residents present at the meeting characterized Crowder’s presentation as a “hard sell.”

Kay Crowder

Kay Crowder
Born: April 4, 1956, Raleigh
Occupation: Retired general sales manager for Durham Life Broadcasting, WPTF
Political experience: Appointed to City Council in November 2014. Past president, treasurer for the Avent West neighborhood association.
Education: Graduate of Cary High School.

[Source: News and Observer]

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Louis M. Buonpane, Chief of Staff, Office of the City Manager


Nick Sadler, Policy Analyst, City of Raleigh, City Manager’s Office; Kay Crowder’s “staffer”

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Donetta Powell, Assessment Specialist, City of Raleigh Public Works Department, Design/Construction Division. —Was present at the April 1 neighborhood meeting.

Donetta Powell


Jimmy Upchurch, Assessment Supervisor, City of Raleigh, Public Works Department. Was also present at the April 1 neighborhood meeting.

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Chris Johnson, PE, LEED AP, Design / Construction Manager, Public Works, Design / Construction

Chris Johnson


Cordis Yates-Thompson, PE, Project Engineer, Public Works, Design/Construction


Christine Darges, Manager, Development Services, Development Services Customer Service Center (Development Services oversees and coordinates the processing and review of proposed development plans for the City of Raleigh, from project conception to permit issuance)


Talal Shahbander, Senior Project Engineer, Neighborhood Street and Sidewalk Petition Projects, Public Works, Design/Construction


Mukund Moghe, PE, Senior Project Engineer, Engineering Services, Roadway Design & Construction


Kevin Boyer, PE, Stormwater Quality Manager, Public Works, Stormwater Management


Blair Hinkle, P.E., Stormwater Program Manager, Public Works, Stormwater Management

Blair Hinkle


Carl Dawson, City of Raleigh Public Works Department Director (2004-December 1, 2014)

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Richard Kelly, Interim Public Works Department Director