UDO “Requirements?”


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Emphasis added (below) –

From: Darges, Christine
To: Powell, Donetta ;  Dunn, Kenneth ;  Lamb, Eric ;  Kallam, Paul ;  Senior, Mark ;  Duffy, Rebecca ;  Talley, Russ
CC: Johnson, Chris ;  Niffenegger, Jed ;  Baldwin, Jennifer ;  McGee, Chris ;  Alford, Brian ;  Upchurch, Jimmy
Sent time: 07 Jun, 2014 2:21:26 PM

I would clarify that this petition [Lorimer Road] is like any other.  It is not due to the UDO requirements.  The only difference is the new standard of a 6’ sidewalk instead of a 5’ sidewalk applies now as noted in our new street typology and sidewalk standards. There is no retrofit obligation or requirement for neighborhoods and streets to comply per the UDO.  Outside the petition process, all public street improvements are obtained through the development process as usual or a city initiated program.

I have no specific comments for this location.

Christine Darges, Manager, Development Services, Development Services Customer Service Center

—Christine Darges is the Development Services Manager in the Development Services Department. Development Services oversees and coordinates the processing and review of proposed development plans for the City of Raleigh, from project conception to permit issuance.

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And yet, despite Christine Darges’ clarification, the language in Donetta Powell’s original email—that “most likely this will be a retrofit due to UDO requirements”—is now emphatic:

Screen shot 2016-06-12 at 9.43.17 AM.png

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Christine Darges interview (2011) —

Is there any part of the city that will be affected [by the UDO] more than another?

CD: It’s hard to say. There are some pretty obvious areas where the context is already there. Like in the downtown, Hillsborough Street and Glenwood South, everybody kind of knows what those areas are like. The areas that the city wants to transform, so to speak, and change through redevelopment could be major corridors, near future transit stops. If we’re able to get funding for transit, where those stations are going to be located are going to be transformed drastically over time. But basically the neighborhoods aren’t really going to change at all. We want to preserve neighborhoods.

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Justis Peters – Woodlinks Drive

“Justis Peters, 1315 Lorimer Road, spoke in support of the improvements. He questioned however if it could be amended to add sidewalks down the side of his property on Woodlinks. He stated he owns the majority of the frontage on Woodlinks and if the sidewalk could be extended to make it a complete sidewalk the people along Fairway Ridge would benefit.” —from City Council Meeting Minutes, 9/1/2015 [Note: Donna Burford, the Lorimer Road petitioner, lives on Fairway Ridge Drive; neither Peters nor Burford will be assessed for either project]

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From: Smith, Gail
To: Johnson, Chris ;  Upchurch, Jimmy ;  Eldredge, Leslie
CC: Powell, Donetta
Sent time: 02 Sep, 2015 2:55:15 PM


From: Upchurch, Jimmy
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2015 9:37 AM
To: Smith, Gail; Eldredge, Leslie
Cc: Johnson, Chris; Powell, Donetta
Subject: Lorimer Road Petition Motion To Approve


Please clarify Ms. Crowder’s motion in regards to Mr. Justis Peters request last night for us to extend the proposed sidewalk installation on Lorimer around his side yard on Woodlinks to connect to the existing sidewalk that stops at his property line.

This addition, as requested by Mr. Peters, to the proposed improvements included in the petition would only affect Mr. Peters property and being sidewalk installation along his property only, it would be completely at City expense as sidewalk installation is not assessable with this proposed project.


Jimmy Upchurch
Assessment Supervisor
City of Raleigh Public Works Department
Design/Construction Division


Mr. Peter’s request to add sidewalk along his side yard

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From: Smith, Gail
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2015 10:38 AM
To: Upchurch, Jimmy; Eldredge, Leslie
Cc: Johnson, Chris; Powell, Donetta
Subject: RE: Lorimer Road Petition Motion To Approve

Her motion was to approve the improvements with the change that sidewalk will be reduced to 5 ft. – Sidewalk from Kaplan to Garland.  In staff this am there was discussion about adding the Peters property.  Tom said that could not occur without going through the entire process again but suggested to Rich that if Mr. Peters was willing to pay for the project that maybe we could enter into a contract to add the improvements to his property to the contract.

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“Survey Limits Summary”

Lorimer Road “Kickoff Meeting” Survey Limits Summary
PW#: 2014_0012 (project limits from: Garland Drive…to: Kaplan Drive)

 Garland Drive Intersection:

  • Garland Dr: go 150’ (east and west) past Lorimer Rd
  • Lorimer Rd: go 150’ (north) past Garland Dr

 From: Garland Drive…To: Onslow Road:

  • Go 50’ beyond R/W

 Onslow Road Intersection:

  • Onslow Rd (east leg): go 150’ past Lorimer Rd
  • Onslow Rd (west leg): go to rear property line of parcel 1300

 Bushy Creek:

  • Obtain locations and elevations of headwalls, wingwalls, floor, and ceiling of 15’x6’ box culvert
  • Obtain elevations or height above ground of power and CATV cables measured at culvert center

From: Bushy Creek…To Kaplan Drive:

  • Go to front of houses
    • o Except parcel 1300…go to rear property line
    • o Except parcel 4900 (church)…go to 50’ beyond R/W
  • Merwin Rd: go 150’ from Lorimer Rd and 50’ beyond R/W
  • Athlone Pl: go 150’ from Lorimer Rd and 50’ beyond R/W
  • Woodlinks Dr: go to Fairway Ridge Dr and 50’ beyond R/W
  • Locate 15” storm drain pipes in front yards of parcels 1401, 1321, 1319, 1315 as shown in IMAPS
    • o Top of pipes (horizontal and vertical) elevation is adequate (i.e. don’t need inverts) but make sure they are labeled as “top of pipe” elevations
  • Locate 18” storm drain pipe ends crossing under Lorimer Rd (between parcels 1400 and 1401) with inverts
  • Locate 4” diameter rubber (bronze nut in center) well cap in Lorimer Rd pavement that is 2’ inside pavement (north side) and approximately 40’ west of Merwin Rd

 Kaplan Drive Intersection: (do not need topo here…just new infrastructure)

  • Kaplan Dr: go 50’ (east and west) past Lorimer Rd
  • Lorimer Rd: go 50’ (south) past Kaplan Dr

 General Notes:

  • Do not locate distressed pavement areas as mentioned in meeting
  • Locate all driveway culverts with pipe size, inverts, and material
  • Locate water meters (horizontal and vertical) and sewer cleanouts (horizontal only)

.  .  .  .  .  .

See also Map Summary for Drafting Staff