City Council Meeting, October 16, 2018

Agenda Item Details



Subject – Lorimer Road Improvements – Petition Project

Type – Action (Consent)

Preferred Date – Oct 16, 2018

Absolute Date – Oct 16, 2018

Fiscal Impact – Yes

Dollar Amount – 2,676,465.00

Budgeted – Yes

Budget Source – Sidewalk Petition Funding and Stormwater Funding

Recommended Action – Authorize the City Manager to execute the contract with Narron Contracting, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $2,676,465 and budget transfers in the amount of $444,280.

Chris Johnson, Engineering Services

Wayne Miles, Engineering Services


The Lorimer Road improvements project will consist of installing curb and gutter along the existing street as well as the addition of a sidewalk along the west side of the street, including a sidewalk connection on Woodlinks Drive.  Sidewalks will provide connectivity to Kaplan Drive, Combs Elementary School, and Western Boulevard Presbyterian Church.  In coordination with the stormwater program, this sidewalk project will also include replacement of the existing bridge over Bushy Creek with twin 9 foot x 6 foot box culverts. The existing bridge is nearing the end of serviceable life;  the new culverts will increase capacity of the crossing and reduce the frequency of roadway flooding during storm events.

Bids for the project were originally opened July 19, however only two bids were received and therefore were returned to the contractors.  The project was subsequently rebid, and bids were opened August 30. A total of four bids were received with Narron Contracting Inc. submitting the lowest bid of $2,754,259 (base bid) and $2,676,465 (with alternates).

Staff recommends award of the project to Narron Contracting Inc. in an amount not to exceed $2,676,465, inclusive of the alternate bid.  The bid plus alternate amount is 2.9 percent lower than the engineer’s estimate of $2,757,408.  Project funding will be allocated from the adopted capital improvement program including existing appropriations from the sidewalk petition, street petition, and stormwater programs.  Stormwater funding is available from the NorthShore Lake and Belle Drainage projects, which are complete;  as well as residual funding from the West Drewry Lane Culvert Replacement and Beechwood Drive Drainage Improvement projects, each of which are in the late construction stages.

Narron Contracting Inc. is a certified North Carolina Historically Underutilized Businesses (NCHUB) non-minority female firm. Estimated Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) participation is 15 percent of the total base bid.  Associated with the budget transfers, staff is establishing a ten-percent contingency for unforeseen items of work during construction;  budget transfers totalling $444,280 are recommended.  Accounting details are included with the agenda materials;  appropriation for this project will total $2,944,113.


Name of the Project: Lorimer Road Petition Project
Managing Division: Engineering Services –Design/Construction Division
Approval Request: Bid Award
Reason for Council Review: Formal Bid Award > $500,000
Original CIP Budget: $2,950,000
Available CIP Budget: $2,950,000
Vendor: Narron Contracting Inc.
Prior Contract Activity: None
Budget Transfer: Yes
Encumbered this approval: $2,676,465

City Council Meeting, May 1, 2018

Agenda Item Details

Subject — Condemnation Request – Lorimer Rd. Sidewalk Petition Project
Type — Action (Consent)
Fiscal Impact — No
Recommended Action — Adopt a Resolution of Condemnation


Melanie Leach, City Planning


This is a Street and Sidewalk Petition Project approved by City Council on 9/01/2015.  The proposed improvements will upgrade Lorimer Road to current standards with 2-lane curb and gutter section.  The street’s ultimate section will entail a 27’ wide section from back of curb to back of curb, a 5 ft. wide sidewalk on the west side with mainly 6’ setback, replacing the existing bridge over Bushy Creek with two concrete box culverts, add new driveway aprons and matching existing driveway surface material, improve area drainage by eliminating swales and collecting and conveying stormwater runoff in underground drainage system, grading, restoration and other appurtenant works.  The project is scheduled to be bid in May and the construction to start in August 2018.  Project completion is anticipated by end of 2019. Efforts have been unsuccessful to obtain needed easement from the following property owners; therefore it is recommended that a resolution of condemnation be authorized.

Property to be condemned: All easements and/or other interests in the property of the above-named project as shown on an exhibit prepared by: City of Raleigh Engineering Services Department Survey Section and entitled “Permanent and Temporary Construction Easement Acquisition Exhibits for the City of Raleigh” such easements and/or other interest identified and listed in the back up information associated with this request.


Property Owners and Site Locations:

Eugene J Alford III and Julie W. Alford 4205 Garland Dr.

Ryan Barnum 1300 Lorimer Rd.

Daniel Crompton & Alix Boulard 1400 Lorimer Rd.

Jefferson Essic & Karen Essic 1233 Lorimer Rd.

Thomas R. Isaacs & Gale J. Isaacs 1209 Lorimer Rd.

Hassan Mahini 1302 Lorimer Rd.

Donald D. Munn 1420 Lorimer Rd.

Justis Peters 1318 Lorimer Rd.

Michael E Salmon & Erin B. Salmon 1210 Lorimer Rd.

Michael Ward & Susan Ward 1303 Lorimer Rd.



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Lorimer Road Project Recap (2014-April 2017) and Forecast

PDF (City of Raleigh internal document, secured through a Public Records request) —

Lorimer Road Pre-Design Notes and Schedule

.  .  .

Lorimer Road (2014-0012) Summary:


Construct a 27’ back-to-back street section with a 5’ wide sidewalk and 6’ setback on the west side and a 3.5’ shoulder on the east side including curb, gutter, drains, and paving for an approximate distance of 2940 lf (from: Kaplan Drive…to: Garland Drive)…APPROVED SEPTEMBER 1, 2015.

  • Approved by Council on September 1, 2015
  • Assessments shall apply at the rate of $32/lf.
  • Properties abutting the street to be improved shall be connected with water mains, sewer mains, and gas mains (if gas mains available).
  • The petition was passed with 70% resident approval.
  • Note: survey letter sent out called for 6’ sidewalk…Council approved 5’ sidewalk



Construct a sidewalk on the east side to match existing sidewalk (approximate length = 217 lf) on Woodlinks Drive and tie into new sidewalk that will be constructed on Lorimer Road.

  • Approved by Council on November 3, 2015
  • Estimated cost of construction = $21,700
  • Note: existing sidewalk ends in middle of power line easement and has a setback of 4.5’…Jimmy said this was okay because the petition approved by Council says to “match existing”
  • Note: this project will be included in the contract for Lorimer Road project but there will be no distinction between the two projects in the contract…only that there are two separate petitions

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