Daisy Street Follow-Up: Public Hearing

—From City Council Meeting Minutes, October 4, 2016 (emphasis added):


This is a hearing consider the installation of sidewalks on the west side of Daisy Street from approximately 149 feet north of Hillsborough Street to Clark Avenue for an approximate distance of 825 feet. It is recommended that the sidewalk be a five-foot-wide sidewalk on 2.5-foot setback from the curb on the west side of Daisy Street where existing conditions and available right-of-way would allow, otherwise the installation of a six-foot sidewalk on a zero setback from the curb, with the understanding that additional adjustments to the sidewalk width and the setback may be included in the final design to avoid major impacts in certain areas as needed and determined by the City engineering staff. No assessments to the property owners are involved.

Following the hearing, if the Council may take action to approve the design and direct the project to proceed.

The Mayor opened the hearing.

Daniel Nissman, 3100 Raymond Street, pointed out his property abuts Daisy Street and the first time he heard anything about this was the letter about the hearing. The letter indicated the City had received a petition that had been signed by 50% plus one of the property owners. He stated nothing was said about the fact that this included property owners on both sides of the street. He questioned why the people on the east side of the street had anything to say about it because it was no cost to them, no disruption, no loss of trees, privacy, etc. He stated the process was very concerning to him and he does not feel that people who are not impacted should have a say. He questioned the process and stated no one asked him ahead of time if he wanted or needed a sidewalk. He feels the plan should be discussed further. He also expressed concern that the person who circulated the petition did not even live on Daisy Street and his property doesn’t abut the street. Mr. Missman expressed concern about the proposal and the process in general.

Ms. Crowder pointed out this is in her district and that everyone has been working hard to make the city more walkable and easier for people to get around. She stated she had not heard much feedback one way or the other. Mr. Thompson expressed concern that someone who doesn’t live on the street could petition for the street improvements. Brief discussion took place as to where the people that signed the petition live, the fact that there was no one else in the audience to speak for or against. Ms. Crowder talked about the heavy foot traffic in the area. She stated no one wants sidewalks on their side of the street but want sidewalks. She pointed out the Engineering staff has suggested reducing the six foot sidewalk to a 5 foot sidewalk with a 2.5 foot setback which makes her feel that the City is doing everything to accommodate the desires of all. Ms. Crowder moved approval of the project moving forward. Her motion was seconded by Ms. Baldwin and put to a vote which resulted in all members voting in the affirmative. The Mayor ruled the motion adopted on an 8-0 vote.

.  .  .  .  .  .