Daisy Street

Sidewalk Petition Projects Approved for Public Hearing:

Daisy Street Sidewalk Petition – A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, October 4, 2016, to receive public comment, approve the petition, and authorize the project.

This petition was received and signed by a majority (50 percent plus one) of the adjacent property owners as required by the Residential Sidewalk Petition Policy. Daisy Street (west side) from approximately 149 feet north of Hillsborough Street to Clark Avenue for an approximate distance of 825 linear feet. Staff recommends installation of a five-foot-wide sidewalk on a 2.5-foot setback from the curb on the west side of Daisy Street where existing conditions and available right-of-way would allow, otherwise installation of a 6-foot sidewalk on a zero setback from the curb. Additional adjustments to the sidewalk width and setback may be included in the final design to avoid major impacts in certain areas as needed and determined by our engineering staff. The petition received a 67 percent sufficiency percentage with 12 out of 18 property owner signatures in favor of the proposed sidewalk installation.

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Daisy Street Petition Letter, May 26, 2016 [PDF]


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