“Survey Limits Summary”

Lorimer Road “Kickoff Meeting” Survey Limits Summary
PW#: 2014_0012 (project limits from: Garland Drive…to: Kaplan Drive)

 Garland Drive Intersection:

  • Garland Dr: go 150’ (east and west) past Lorimer Rd
  • Lorimer Rd: go 150’ (north) past Garland Dr

 From: Garland Drive…To: Onslow Road:

  • Go 50’ beyond R/W

 Onslow Road Intersection:

  • Onslow Rd (east leg): go 150’ past Lorimer Rd
  • Onslow Rd (west leg): go to rear property line of parcel 1300

 Bushy Creek:

  • Obtain locations and elevations of headwalls, wingwalls, floor, and ceiling of 15’x6’ box culvert
  • Obtain elevations or height above ground of power and CATV cables measured at culvert center

From: Bushy Creek…To Kaplan Drive:

  • Go to front of houses
    • o Except parcel 1300…go to rear property line
    • o Except parcel 4900 (church)…go to 50’ beyond R/W
  • Merwin Rd: go 150’ from Lorimer Rd and 50’ beyond R/W
  • Athlone Pl: go 150’ from Lorimer Rd and 50’ beyond R/W
  • Woodlinks Dr: go to Fairway Ridge Dr and 50’ beyond R/W
  • Locate 15” storm drain pipes in front yards of parcels 1401, 1321, 1319, 1315 as shown in IMAPS
    • o Top of pipes (horizontal and vertical) elevation is adequate (i.e. don’t need inverts) but make sure they are labeled as “top of pipe” elevations
  • Locate 18” storm drain pipe ends crossing under Lorimer Rd (between parcels 1400 and 1401) with inverts
  • Locate 4” diameter rubber (bronze nut in center) well cap in Lorimer Rd pavement that is 2’ inside pavement (north side) and approximately 40’ west of Merwin Rd

 Kaplan Drive Intersection: (do not need topo here…just new infrastructure)

  • Kaplan Dr: go 50’ (east and west) past Lorimer Rd
  • Lorimer Rd: go 50’ (south) past Kaplan Dr

 General Notes:

  • Do not locate distressed pavement areas as mentioned in meeting
  • Locate all driveway culverts with pipe size, inverts, and material
  • Locate water meters (horizontal and vertical) and sewer cleanouts (horizontal only)

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See also Map Summary for Drafting Staff