About – Eric Haugaard

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Eric Haugaard

Design and Construction gained a new Project Engineer this August [2015], Eric Haugaard. Eric grew up on a small farm in Kalamazoo, Michigan, after graduating from high school, he began a “summer” job as a carpenter building houses. That “summer” job lasted for fifteen years at which point he enrolled in the Civil Engineering program at Michigan State University.

Eric still likes to keep up with Michigan State football and basketball. He has said that Michigan State and the University of Michigan seem to have the same kind of rivalry as North Carolina State and the University of North Carolina. He explains that this is why he finds it natural to pull for NC State. He even said, “Saturdays are always a little better when UNC loses.”

After living in a few different climates, Eric decided North Carolina was the place he wanted to settle down. A couple of years ago he bought a “used house” so he could keep himself busy with home improvement jobs. Now that those jobs are complete he spends his time riding his bike or walking along nearby paved trails.

Eric feels fortunate to be working for the City of Raleigh and being part of a group that maintains and improves the City. As he said, “it really is a good place to live.”


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