Questions Remain

—SAFETY: What are the statistics regarding pedestrian-related accidents on this section of Lorimer Road (between Kaplan Drive and Garland Drive)?

—STORMWATER: The official City stormwater report conducted in conjunction with this petition/project reports “no major issues.” How, then, did this become a deciding factor for so many residents who signed the petition?

—COST: “The cost is going up soon!” residents were cautioned. Pay now or pay a lot more later, was the implication. But ARE assessment costs going up any time soon?

—NECESSITY: A Traffic Study was conducted on Lorimer Road. But was a Pedestrian Study ever done? And if not, why not? (the citizen’s request was for a sidewalk).

—Does the City leave in place a process it knows and has acknowledged is flawed (door-to-door petitioning) because, in fact, it frequently gains the desired result? whereas the mailed ballot-type petition frequently does not? (Jimmy Upchurch: 75% in favor or 50%+1 in favor doesn’t make much difference…).

—Why did the City feel it was important/necessary to pursue Ryan Barnum’s signature after the petition had been submitted by the petitioner and deemed to be sufficient?

—Were residents on the south end of Lorimer Road notified of the petition/project before those on the north end of Lorimer. And if so, why was that?

—Why, if the circumstances are “ideal” for UDO adherence, did the City decide to put a sidewalk on one side of Lorimer Road and not both, as the UDO calls for? And how did the City determine that the west side of the street would be the best side to put the sidewalk on?

—What, if any, was Donna Burford’s relationship with/connection to Donetta Powell and/or Kay Crowder before the petition process began? During the petition process? [Note: Donna now works for Kay Crowder.]

—When was the Woodlinks Drive Sidewalk Project decided on?