Jane Fenn’s Email to Eric Haugaard (12/1/2015)

From: Jane Fenn
To: Eric Haugaard
Date: December 1, 2015
Subject: Lorimer Road #DC-2014-0012

Mr. Haugaard — I have two purposes in writing today.
1.  I received the mailing from Chris Johnson regarding the Lorimer project.  In its first paragraph it states that the “typical road section calls for a 6′ wide sidewalk with 6′ setback. . . .” This is not what the city council actually passed, and I wanted to be positive that the project dimensions are NOT the typical and that the council’s changes to that are what is actually planned.  Please reassure me that that is the case.
2.  In previous communications to Councilwoman Crowder as well as information she provided to me from people in city offices, I asked for specific reasons why the projected sidewalk position is on the west side of the street rather than the east side.  Although I received responses to this, there was nothing specific.  Cited were factors such as terrain (just a general statement — there is obviously “terrain” on both sides of the street), vegetation to be removed (again, that is the case on both sides of the street), utilities (poles for electricity and other utilities exist on both sides of the street).  No specific details that could demonstrate why one side was selected because of cost or construction advantages — and I would assume that construction advantages can be reduced to cost advantages.  I want to obtain the cost estimates used to determine which side of the street is the most cost-effective for this construction.  The general statements of terrain, vegetation and utilities do nothing to show me why the west side is more cost effective.  Can you supply me with the cost estimates that demonstrate significant savings of west side construction vs. east side construction?  If you cannot, from whom can I obtain those figures?  I can not see anything in the information that has already been provided to me that makes the reason for this choice clear.
I have returned the form sent to me acknowledging that I understand project personnel will access my property as part of the design phase.  I noted on that form this request to you for specific cost estimates demonstrating that the sidewalk location has been determined by actual cost projections.  I appreciate your attention to this request very much.  Since I assume these estimates have already been made, I hope to see some concrete information soon.
Regards — Jane P. Fenn