The City’s Response to INDY Article

The City’s official position regarding the Lorimer Road petition and petition process was published in The INDY on February 2, 2016 in response to this article about the project –

“As with all residential street and sidewalk petitions, these are citizen initiated requests and City of Raleigh staff takes on a neutral perspective during the routing of the petition for signatures. The petitioner is provided with the petition packet and charged as the liaison with residents and City staff as they go door to door to obtain signatures in favor of the requested improvements. Staff addresses questions from residents according to City policies and does not try to persuade anyone as to whether they should sign or not sign.

“The petition for the Lorimer Road street and sidewalk improvement project was initiated by a citizen and not the City of Raleigh. After determining the petition met all requirements, City staff agreed to move forward with it. All information about the improvements was openly shared with impacted property owners. Property owners are being assessed only for the street improvements, not the sidewalk improvements. The sidewalk improvements are being funded by bonds.”