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Ryan Barnum

September 8, 2015

Ryan Barnum – This is where all the kids usually play.

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Sharon Moll Mixon – Holy cow I had no idea. I am so glad the petition passed and all this is going to be addressed.

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Steve Grothmann – Sharon, the petition will have all the storm water that falls on the (wider) street piped directly into the creek rather than through grass/dirt ditches, where a lot of it absorbs into the ground.

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Erin Salmon – To give a better visual, the neighbors who spoke at the city council meeting about flooding in their yards (not in the ditches, because the ditches belong to the city and are not residential property), the water that floods these actually yards is going to get directed through impervious pipes directly into this very part of the creek that Ryan’s video shows. Creating a greater volume if water that will add to current erosion if the creek itself, affecting your neighbors on Onslow that have had no say in this petition process. Do we want to be a neighborhood that pushes our problems onto our neighbors literally around the corner? Let’s come together to find better solutions for all of our concerns.

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Erin Salmon – If the city did not accurately assess the creek impact, than it is their responsibility to spend that money to do so. You should read the Mission Statement of the City Council. They say they take environmental impact very seriously.

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Erin Salmon – Sharon, when were people told that the impact assessments would not be done until AFTER the petition process was closed? It is my understanding that you and Donna led people to believe that we would have the ability to adjust the petition after it passSee More

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Sharon Moll Mixon – Someone laughed at me when I said I thought this creek was dangerous.

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Ryan Barnum – Well it’s not often that it gets to that point. I worry that adding concrete pipes to funnel all of the water from the tops of the hills so rapidly down into the creek is going to cause some major back flow or flooding issues in our yard. To this point it has never flooded or come up over the bank.

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Lee Lee – Ryan-you are in the grey house right by the creek, correct? I hope we don’t bother you when we’re there. My boys love that area of the creek and all the bamboo. They know to be respectful of your property and privacy.

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Ryan Barnum – Yes that one. I don’t mind at all. I would have loved to have something like that to play in when I was a kid. We haven’t had any issues other than a few kids from another street taking down some bamboo. I just told them to ask first next time and they have since then.

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Shannon Bellezza – Ryan, the day of the six inches of rain in thirty minutes the water was close to your door. A very elderly couple lived there at the time. It was maybe seven or eight years ago.

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Ryan Barnum – Wow that’s crazy! I’ve never seen it crest but I believe it. That’s a lot of rain all at once. That must have been when the Sawyers still lived here.

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Sharon Moll Mixon – I am confident the city uses very competent engineers to assess issues like that.

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Barbara Scott – I did some calculations yesterday. If 12 feet of paved surface are added (7 foot wider road and 5 foot sidewalks) along a .6 mile road (3,168 linear feet), that’s an additional 38,016 square feet of pavement, which amounts to .87 acre of new impervious surface from which unfiltered runoff will flow. Consider, too, that all the water from the existing 20 feet of paved road will also be directed into the creek through guttering that will move water faster than presently via grass swales, earthen ditches, and some rock ditches. Total impervious surface will be 27 feet + 5 feet = 32 feet x 3,168 linear feet, or 101,376 square feet, which amounts to 2.32 acres of paved surface. (A mile is 5,280 linear feet, and an acre is 43,560 square feet.)

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Currie Mixon – Sorry, Barbara, I didn’t see this post before I added a new one. Two things to point out – the first is that the sidewalk will have a grassed buffer between it and the street, so sidewalk runoff would be intercepted by grass (if there is a vegetated offset from the curb). So that 5 feet of sidewalk is effectively a minimal addition. The other point is that the water currently coming from the road does still get to the creek, but your point of it not being conveyed by curbs/pipes is a good one. At least it has a chance, currently, to infiltrate.

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Jane Fenn – Are you saying the mandated setback HAS to be grass? Is that in the petition? In the uniform ordinance? What makes you say that?

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Currie Mixon – I guess I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be.

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Erin Salmon – Some people like myself actually prefer annual and perennial plants to grass.

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Barbara Scott – I did some measuring this afternoon. Curb and gutter takes up 30 inches on each side of a road, based on the end of Lorimer Road that meets Kaplan Drive where the street renovations were recently completed.

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Sharon Moll Mixon – Find the center of the road 11 feet in one direction add 2.5 feet for curb and gutter. This equals a 27 foot road. If you want to know what that looks like, look at Merlin, Woodlinks etc.

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Erin Salmon – Not sure where the 11 feet from the center comes from. While the city has Lorimer listed as 22′, if you go measure what we see, the asphalt currently measures 20′.

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Erin Salmon – How wide is Kaplan, as a street? Also, Merwin and Woodlinks do not have the setback and sidewalks that come with this proposal.

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Barbara Scott – Just wanted to add that measurement so everyone will have the information.

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Erin Salmon – Thanks, Barbara. Your contributions to this discussion have provided a lot of specific information. I appreciate this forum for that, and I encourage everyone to contribute in this way so we can have the most accurate information possible. It is our right as citizens and residents.

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