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September 12, 2015

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Ryan Barnum – Two things I want to point out about this petition are that our house was never included on the map. The garage and the neighbors house tucked in behind it are there, but our house is missing. Also, I’m not sure if the petition I signed had my name on it or still listed Adrianne Jorgensen as the owner. I don’t recall, and I’m not sure it matters all that much anyway. I bought the house in April after the meeting so we weren’t at that and missed a lot of the initial discussion about this project.
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Erin Salmon

September 12, 2015

I took these pictures yesterday of the Kaplan sidewalk construction. There are a few in particular of a sloped yard. I tried to hold the camera at eye level. It seemed to be of similar height to the slope in my yard, but not sure of the exact height and grade. I did have a chance to meet and talk with the owners of the house. They are very unhappy because they had no choice in this project because of Kaplan’s residential road status. The city has said they will not get a retaining wall. Just grading. The last shot is with a house that seems closest to the project.

Erin Salmon's photo.
Erin Salmon's photo.
Erin Salmon's photo.
Erin Salmon's photo.
Erin Salmon's photo.



Carol Apperson – That’s ridiculous and very unsightly!!! There is going to be erosion. They put retaining walls on Merwin when they put in the sidewalk. Why not here?
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Sharon Moll Mixon – I wonder if there is erosion and if that is the cities easement, do you tell the city to come take care of the problem?
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Sharon Moll Mixon – Did they put that construction fence at people’s property line?
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Erin Salmon – For the yard with the slope, yes. I did not look at every yard along the length of this sidewalk project to see if that was the case.
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Ryan Barnum – I’m pretty sure the fence runs the whole length of the sidewalk. It appears to be at the very edge of the right of way, but I could be wrong. Everything from the fence to the road was scraped clean down to the dirt.
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