Ethics & The Petitioner

On April 1, 2015, it was brought to the petitioner’s attention that a statement she had made was incorrect. The statement, included in her “Talking Points,” distributed to all residents who’ll be affected by the street and sidewalk project, reads as follows:

“Eventually [Lorimer Road] will need to be brought up to standard as a conforming road and the property owners will pay the increased fees of assessment at that time if it is not handled now.”

After it was pointed out to her at the meeting that this was not a true statement she acknowledged it was “my mistake;” Jimmy Upchurch and Kay Crowder, among others, confirmed this.

Despite her public admission, however, the petitioner continued to pass out this same “Talking Points” sheet, with the disputed statement intact, the very next day, to Karen Rochford.

Another resident, Marcus Williamson, emailed the petitioner on April 4, 2015, asking her to stop distributing false information. And as a result, she issued a retraction on that same date.

And yet, despite her acknowledgement and retraction, she continued to distribute this same “Talking Points” sheet, with the disputed statement still intact, on April 10, 2015.