Council Member Kay Crowder’s Statement (9/1/2015)

Following is the transcript of Kay Crowder‘s statement at the 9/1/2015 City Council Meeting at which Petition #1351 was unanimously approved. She made this staement after the close of the Open Hearing:

“Mayor, this is in my neighborhood, so I’m very familiar with the street.

“There are lots of issues about the street. Water is just one aspect of it. But the bigger part of the street is that it has very deep swales and there’s no room to walk along either of them, because they’re so deep.

“We have a school in our neighborhood, and most of the kids walk to school. It would be a nice thing to have—and, I believe, safer—for those kids to be able to move toward school walking than is currently available to them.

“I know it’s hard to get everybody’s consensus to be the same. I understand that. But it is also equally important to try to do what’s best for the community.

“Though we don’t have sidewalks on Garland (or all of Garland) yet, I do think in the future that will happen as development happens on that street. I recently had a discussion with someone who’s trying to buy property on that street to build homes, and, under the code, he would have to put sidewalks in.

“So the goal is to make sure that kids can get to school, and that the neighborhood is connected by sidewalks so that it gets you to the four parks that are in our neighborhood.

“So I would like to make a motion that we approve, with the condition that we reduce it to a 5′ sidewalk as opposed to 6′.”