Email to City Council (8/27/15, Fred Midness)

August 27, 2015

I am Fredrick Midness. I have lived about half my life (36 years) at 1208 Lorimer Road, located in West Raleigh in the long-established Kentwood neighborhood. My contact information is [xxx] or email [xxx.]  You may contact me directly with any questions, or if you need any additional information in your consideration of Street Improvement Petition #1351.

I am usually home all the time.

In advance of City Council’s consideration of this petition, I am writing to ask that our block of Lorimer Road, from Onslow Road to Garland Drive, be removed from the petition altogether. I and the majority of my neighbors on this block oppose Street Improvement Petition #1351 in its current form. I neither want nor need the proposed road and sidewalk changes—and I certainly don’t want to be made to pay for them, either as property owner or as taxpayer.

I believe that Street Improvement Petition #1351 will do more harm than good by increasing traffic, increasing the speed of such traffic and encourage parking on the street which all together may result in more vehicle accidents.

I agree with the contents of the letter written by Carolyn Parker as it pertains to my block of Lorimer Road.