Email to Neighbors (7/22/2015, Donna Burford)

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Post-Report (email) from a resident who attended:

8/5/2015 – “I went to the event last night and talked a lot to a lot of unknown neighbors and law enforcement personnel. Among the many topics was of course the street project…still on and approved in substance by ‘big majority.’ Next phase is the final meeting to determine the specifics of the widths of the different parts of the road; right-of-way, buffer between the road and the sidewalk and the width of the sidewalk. It seems that the measurements we suggested at the last meeting are to be fixed by the next comuntiy meeting. The street and sidewalk widths mentioned in the letter are standard settings to be adjusted, within guidelines, by the expression of the inhabitants, in group, at the meeting. It is imperative that as many as possible are present to express their wishes to the City representatives before the final solution is decided….”

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