Email to Jane Fenn (4/10/2015, Donna Burford)

To: Jane Fenn
Sent: Friday, April 10, 2015, 11:30 am
Subject: Lorimer Street Improvements

Just in case Molly had not forwarded the information from the meeting, I have attached the documents for your records.  I am working on getting as many property owners to sign the petition as possible.  A large percentage of support for the project will go a long way with the City.  They display the percentage of approval for each project on the City of Raleigh website.

I checked with Jimmy Upchurch at the City of Raleigh Public Works and he said that they will accept original signatures on a copy of a petition page for a property owner whom is a residential out of State or out of the Country deeded property owner.  However they should make a statement indicating that they have read the petition for Lorimer Road and are signing the petition in agreement of the improvements from an out of State or out of Country residence.

I have attached a document with basic language that you could sign along with signing next to your property # 18.

I am hoping to finalize this petition soon, so please let me know if you are able to sign and send the documents back to me.  I included my address on the signature document. Thank you for your support!  J

Donna Burford