Email to Neighbors (9/28/2015, Erin Salmon)

Subject: Neighborhood Registry [and Oct.5 Neighborhood Meeting]
From: Erin Salmon
Date: September 28, 2015
To: [Various Neighbors]

Hello All,

Thank you, Sharon, for continuing the efforts to bring this neighborhood together, and thank you, Jennifer, for your consideration and respect for our extended neighbors off of Kent Road.

I have attached the sign up sheet the city requires to register a neighborhood, so that everyone can see clearly what is required.  There are three people who will be listed on the sheet.  One is the main contact person, and the other two are listed as representatives or officers.  I do not see that it is a requirement to elect officers.  It would therefore be up to us as a neighborhood to decide if officers fit our needs, or if representatives are more appropriate. I had originally planned to fill in my name as the main contact person.  I also know that both Barbara Scott and Don Munn are happy to serve as representatives.  If Sharon and Jeff Alford also have interest, or if anyone else has interest in being listed as a representative, then we can discuss those details further.  Other details that should be discussed are the neighborhood name, the type of organization we are, what our objectives and goals are, and what our major activities are.  At the meeting a week ago, the boundaries discussed for the registry include Lorimer Road between Kaplan Drive and Western Blvd, Woodlinks, Fairway Ridge, Athlone, Delmont, Onslow, Chaney, Warwick, and Garland.  By my count and according to the Wake County GIS map, there are 143 residential properties and 2 church properties within these boundaries.

I have secured the WBPC’s fellowship hall for next Monday evening, October 5, from 7-9 pm for our next neighborhood meeting.  I would like to extend this invitation to everyone living within the boundaries listed above.  I do not have everyone’s contact information, so I ask for help to get the word out.  I will be out of town this weekend from Friday to Sunday, so I will not be able to pound as much pavement as I did before the last meeting.  I hope we can hash out the details of the neighborhood at this coming meeting, so that I can file the paperwork with the city.  I will contact Jonathan Edwards (Housing and Neighborhoods Dept) to see if he can attend the meeting to answer any specific questions about the Registry in detail.

In addition, we will continue the conversation around the Lorimer Road Improvement project.  Whether you are a property owner on Lorimer Road or not, whether you signed the petition or not, I encourage everyone to come and share your voice, to add to the community dialogue.  We are an amazing group of neighbors, and we can work together to address our concerns.  

I have been reaching out to the city in the hopes of having a formal presence in some capacity at the meeting.  I spoke at length with Chris Johnson today, who is an engineer and is the Manager of the Design/Construction Division of the Public Works Department.  He is currently taking classes this semester on Monday and Wednesday evenings, so he will not be able to attend this time.  Jimmy Upchurch is currently out of the office, so I will not be able to speak with him about attending the meeting until Wednesday.  I have also been contacted by Nick Sadler from the City Manager’s Office, and he offers his service to answering questions regarding the project.  I will respond to his email with an invitation to the meeting, as he is a Policy Analyst.  Our conversation could greatly benefit from his presence.  There has been discussion around inviting Councilor Crowder.  I am happy to write to her, as well as to our at-large councilors, Russ Stephenson and Mary Ann Baldwin, to invite them, too, if that is desired.  I have specifically asked for a presence from the Stormwater Management Division since this is a huge issue for many properties in our neighborhood, on Lorimer and Onslow especially.  It is unclear if they will attend, as this is a Design/Construction Division project.  In the conversations I have had with Scott Bryant (Stormwater), they will send someone to meet with us, if Jimmy Upchurch and Chris Johnson see it as necessary.  If anyone feels that a representative from Stormwater would be helpful, I encourage you to contact these three gentlemen and tell them….

Finally, there is a second attachment below with the minutes from the Sept 21 meeting.  I would like to thank Galadriel Crosby and Ryan Barnum for their work to provide these minutes.  For future meetings, Michele Lynch has offered to take minutes directly on her laptop to help the process.  Thanks again to Galadriel, Ryan and Michele!

I look forward to seeing you next Monday.  As always, please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.