Donna Burford – Facebook Post (9/3/15)

– Donna Moll Burford, Petitioner (9/3/15, Facebook) –

OMG…..Wow….Shannon you really think is OK to attack me under the guise that you are sympathetic to your neighbors in a forum that I help set up to bring this community together? I took the time to organize a neighborhood watch last year for Lorimer Rd.when the crime was getting out of control. I didn’t have to do that but I care about people that live on that road. Fairway Ridge has their own neighborhood watch. I compiled everyone’s contact information so that theycould keep in touch and become more neighborly. I have been door to door since November of last year talking to almost everyone on this street to see how they felt about a project like this and got a overwhelming positive response. I don’t think you understand that this in NOT MY project. This is a Lorimer Rd. project, I was just asked to speak on behalf of the people on Lorimer that obviously didn’t want to be bullied by people like yourself. I don’t know where these people get the idea that I am making them do anything with their property.


That being said….I already paid for my curb and gutter in the price of my home and I pay my taxes just like everyone else. I also have the same rights as everyone else on here! So I deserve a road to get to my property that is not falling apart and a safe place for myself and my children to walk because I bought a home IN THE CITY OF RALEIGH…… City law dictates that non conforming roads will never be fixed until the property owners bring them up to standard. It has been 40 years overdue and these neighbors do not want to pay more then the already high rate of $32 per linear feet to have them fixed.NOBODY wishes to pay for it, we all have better things to spend our money on, but this is what goes along with property ownership.

Being upset that the project is not to your liking is one thing but bullying is NOT OK. Is not OK for our children and it is not OK for adults. If people want to have respectful conversations on this page, then great. But otherwise we could just shut it down. I don’t hear sympathizing …I hear the spouting of hatred and non-conformity.


– Karen Flowers Essic (9/3/15, 1:14 pm) – Donna–I am trying to figure out which statement(s) Shannon made that you feel like was bullying and spouting of hatred. (I promise, that was not said sarcastically– I just tried to read through comments from all of the various places, and some of the threads are a bit of a jumble, and I just cannot find what you are referring to.) I had thought everyone had been civil so far. That is just a pretty strong accusation you are making, and I hope we can be careful to not call people names lightly.

— Sharon Moll Mixon (9/3/15, 9:17 pm) – Call people names? Donna has worked her ass off for this neighborhood, more than I have ever seen from anyone. I do not blame her for feeling bullied and I am glad she stated her mind. I understand when people are upset they like to have someone to blame. But if there is a “target of some people’s ire.” it should be to the 28 houses that voted for this petition to go forward.
– Shannon Bellezza (9/3/15, 1:18 pm) – Donna, I’m sorry you feel bullied. I was simply explaining why it does matter to some people that the originator of the petition doesn’t live on the street which is subject to massive changes and why people may single you out when they express their dismay. I can see both sides of this issue, and for the record, my feelings about you as a person are not affected by this at all. I think you set out to do something you viewed as positive and necessary. Unfortunately it comes at a significant cost to many, and I sympathize with anyone who is asked to fund drastic unwanted changes to their neighborhood with money they may not have. I’m not saying you are the one at fault or to whom anyone’s anger should be directed.