“Informational Meeting,” April 1, 2015

From: Donetta Powell
Subject: RE: Ms Crowder’s availability
Date: October 14, 2015, 11:19 AM
To: Michael Williams
CC: Jimmy Upchurch

Mr. Williams,

The meeting held on April 1, 2015 at the Western Blvd. Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall was coordinated by the Lorimer Road Street Improvement Petitioner Mrs. Donna Burford. This was a very informal community meeting where property owners were invited to attend for her to gain support of the petition. Mrs. Burford reached out to us and asked us as City staff to attend the meeting to answer specific and technical questions from property owners that she could not answer.  The City of Raleigh was not responsible for the meeting or the sign-in sheet attached. As I thought we did receive a copy of the attendee sheet for our records and I had scanned it and saved it electronically in our petition file.

As I mentioned to you in our phone conversation, we have been directed by Lou Buonpane and Nick Sadler to refer all calls and request for information to them as of September 29th. As for Public Works staff has received a directing resolution to proceed with the City Council authorized street and sidewalk improvement project for Lorimer Road and we are doing just that. Feel free to contact me or Jimmy if you have any further questions. Thanks!

Donetta Powell, Assessment Specialist
City of Raleigh – Public Works