“Sidewalk Petition Prioritization Ranking Criteria”

Prioritization criteria.jpg

– Erin Salmon (11/2/2015, Facebook) – I did find the traffic study that was done on Lorimer in 2014 for the current project (even though we were told at the last meeting that there was not one), and I can provide the numbers from that to fill in some of the numbers in question. This document could be helpful in presenting a case to the City Council which asks them to reconsider the application of the UDO standard in our neighborhood. A neighborhood whose streets and house placements were designed long before the current standards.

– Steve Grothmann (11/2/2015, Facebook) – We have far less than 1000 cars/day. I counted only about 12-13/hr Fri evening when Western was at peak traffic. Another evening it was as low as 8 in 90 minutes. During the day it is very sparse. I’d guess we’re under 200/day, at least by my house.