Jeff White – Facebook Post

– Jeff White (9/12/15, Facebook) – This comment is in response to the discussion of how the new cross section will fit within current right-of-way (ROW). While it may in fact fit, there will be slope issues that will not. In order to accommodate this section the footprint is made wider. Lorimer Road has homes that sit above the road as well as homes that sit below the road. These situations create significant cut (removal of dirt)and fill (addition of structural dirt) in order to broaden the footprint. On a smaller scale but the same situation please pay attention to the yard and driveway challenges along Kaplan. The majority of the yards are now steeper, this can present maintenance issues that were previously not present. Most of the drives are above the new sidewalk grade (which Is set relative to the curb and gutter not the drive) and have to be chased up the hill to catch grade. The white lines and painted arrows on these folks drives is where the City anticipates having to remove and replace drives in order to have that particular drive cross the sidewalk at an acceptable grade. This results in a steeper than original drive. These slope conditions occur outside the ROW and Lorimer improvements will present the same challenges only more amplified. If your home is fairly level to the road then grade tie ins will not be an issue. If your home is above, below or close to the ROW, there will be slope easements needed in order to accommodate the footprint. I felt this was important to bring up as while it may fit there will be work outside the ROW in order to make it work.


– Don Munn (9/12/15, 1:01 pm, Facebook) – Yes, I did leave off the exit angles on my drawing, but the grade will be set at a 2:1 slope till it meets the existing grade, this [is] a substantial incline in some cases… I [posed] this issue at the April meeting and was promised some examples; none were forthcoming.