David Simonton – Facebook Posts

David Simonton’s posts have been removed from the “Lorimer Rd Raleigh” Facebook page (Simonton removed the posts himself).  The posts that follow have been recovered from screen-grabs:

– David Simonton (9/10?/15, Facebook) – It is now clear, as it has been from the beginning, that this entire sad episode in our neighborhood’s history has been about two sisters, relatively new arrivals here, doing whatever they needed to do, and saying whatever they needed to say, to get what they want for themselves and their families.

And they prevailed. Because they didn’t play fair. And that can’t stand.

The petitioner, for whom “communication and community [are] what it’s all about,” is no longer communicating. And her sister is using what is purportedly a forum for the exchange of ideas, on a subject important to all of us, as her soapbox. I have to wonder if she’s heard anyone else’s voice, or taken anyone else’s concerns and feelings into consideration, through all of this.

Civility is important to maintain, there’s no doubt. But the pretense of civility in the face of an onslaught of insults is another thing all together. There’s a decent and considerate way to go about doing things, after all.

This was once a peaceful and harmonious neighborhood. What a difference six months makes.

.  .  .  .  .  .

– David Simonton (10/5/15, 11:06 am, Facebook) – Here’s what I keep coming back to….Allowing them the benefit of the doubt, suppose Donna Burford & Sharon Mixon (the Petitioner and her sister) really believed it when they told folks that the petition they were being asked to sign was merely the first step in a process, the details of which could and would be worked out later, and that signing it was just a show of interest in some kind of neighborhood improvements, the scope and shape of which we’d all have a say in down the road….

-Who/Where did they get that idea from?

-How is it that they were so convinced of that scenario that they were willing in good conscience to pass that assurance on to their neighbors?

-Given the actual outcome—that what we’ve ended up with is what was spelled out in the Petition, minus one foot—how is it that, rather than showing even a hint of remorse at having unintentionally misled their neighbors—or the least bit of anger at having been misled themselves!—they’re digging in their heels instead?

I don’t get it….


– Currie Mixon (10/25/2015, 11:24am) – Because you’ve shown yourself to be a dickhead, David.

– Currie Mixon (10/5/15, 11:26 am) – (I’m not speaking for my wife or sister-in-law. I’m speaking for me – I’ve found you to be an incredibly whiny and self-centered person, and over the course of your writings, I’ve lost all respect that I once had for you.)

[The previous two comments were subsequently deleted by their author, and an apology made.]

– Currie Mixon (10/5/15, 6:07 pm) – What I should have said earlier, is if you are looking for an actual answer, I suggest you change your accusatory tone. Your postings are not conducive to actual conversation or explanation.

– David Simonton – Explain this, Currie: Why is it, do you think, that people (more than a few) are upset about the way the petition process was conducted? Have you no qualms at all? given what you learned at last night’s [Neighborhood] Meeting? Is no one—or nothing—to blame for all the ill-will that’s been generated? If not a flawed process, then what do you suppose has caused such tension between neighbors…where before, there was none?

– Currie Mixon – You’re answer is in your question: the fact that you need a target to blame lets me know just about all I need to know about your focus on this. You have had an emotional response, which I understand. However, your emotional response has been about the only response you seem to have had. There’s been no evolution. Only the same, emotional, seeking blame mentality that has resulted in my dismissal of your emotions at this point.

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