Lorimer Rd Facebook Group Posts (March 21, 2015)

—Donna Moll Burford (3/21/15) –

Dear Lorimer Road Neighbors,

I am excited to notify you of an informational meeting on the Street Improvement Petition #1351.

A staff member from the City of Raleigh Public Works Department and our local City Council Member Kay Crowder will be there to review the plans and answer any questions you might have regarding how this will positively impact your property in the near future.
The improvements are to be for Curb and Gutters, Drains, Paving and Sidewalk.

This street improvement will address the many issues that this neglected portion of Lorimer Road has been dealing with as an un-conforming street in the City of Raleigh since it has been adopted into the city limits many, many years ago. This petition will affect every deed holder with property frontage on Lorimer Road from Kaplan Drive to Garland Drive, so it is important to have everyone in attendance.

If you are not able to make it to the meeting I would advise you to call or email Donetta Powell with the City of Raleigh at 919-996-3030 or donetta.powell@raleighnc.gov with any questions you might have regarding this project.

The meeting will be at: Western Blvd. Presbyterian Church
Fellowship Hall
Wednesday – April 1st, 2015
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

As always…..If there is anything I can do to help facilitate this petition that will help beautify and unite this neighborhood, please let me know.

Donna Burford

Thank you to all of you that make this a wonderful neighborhood to live in!



-Sharon Moll Mixon (3/21/15) – This meeting can we talk about the Athlone Street block party? Are we thinking the second weekend of May? (Maybe just have a save the date note to give to everyone)

-Donna Moll Burford (3/22/15) – That is a good idea….

-Sharon Moll Mixon (3/23/15) – Should we also talk about sex offenders living on our street at this meeting?

-Donna Moll Burford (3/24/15) – Well….We may have enough content with the block party and the sex offenders to warrant its own meeting.

-Marina Manion Robinson (3/25/15) – I wanted to let you know that a few years ago Benson Kirkman (our city councilman at the time) and Mark Senior (with Storm Water mgt) walked the Lorimer, Onslow and Chaney Roads area checking how bad the drainage systems on either sides of the roads had become which, has been causing major erosion to happen along the roads and also in many neighboring yards especially those folks on Onslow. They said they would be back to address the problem once our water and sewer rates were raised by the city-wide impact fee to address such problems. We are still waiting for them to come and dig out the storm drainage ditches! I will be interested to see how Public Works will be addressing the drainage issues since the sidewalk will only be on one side of the road. 

-Sharon Moll Mixon (3/25/15) – That’s good to know Marina Manion Robinson. This project calls for curb and gutter so the gutters will need to go down both sides of the street addressing the ditches and changing the water flow. The stormwater management team will be very involved in this project. I am kind of surprised how willing the city is to take on this feat. The amount us deed holders on Lorimer are expected to contributing is just a drop in the bucket compared to the full expense.

-Donna Moll Burford (3/25/15) – Marina Manion Robinson I have heard real positive feedback from the City Public Works Dept. I encourage you to come to the meeting to support the progress we are making in resolving many of the issues you have all had to deal with for many years. smile emoticon