Lorimer Rd Facebook Group Posts (11/13-21/14)

These post are significant because no mention is made of the Street and Sidewalk petition, which Donna requested on behalf of her sister, Sharon, 6 months earlier. (The petition packet was mailed to her on 11/18/14.)
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—Sharon Moll Mixon (11/13/14) – Ok it’s official our first Neighborhood Watch meeting is scheduled for Monday November 17th at 7 p.m. Western Presbyterian Church in the Fellowship Hall. We will have officer Barbie Upchurch to speak. This meeting will be important, I hope to see a lot of neighbors involved in keeping Lorimer rd safe.

 -Donna Moll Burford (11/15/14) – On the email I sent out I was so preoccupied with making sure I spelled Presbyterian right that I forgot to add blvd.to the name. Western BLVD Presbyterian Church…….

-Shannon Bellezza (11/16/14, 8:22am) – Think we should post on Avent West chat?

-Sharon Moll Mixon (11/16/14, 8:47am) – This neighborhood watch should remain fairly small with only houses from Kaplan to Garland (and the side streets of people who want to be involved)

-Shannon Bellezza (11/16/14, 9:01am) – Ok, I wasn’t sure if that was the plan or not.

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—Donna Moll Burford (11/21/14) – There was an amazing turn out at the first meeting to discuss a neighborhood watch for Lorimer Rd. from Garland to Kaplan and connecting residences. Officer Upchurch was very informative and entertaining. Everyone seemed eager to participate and continue the efforts going forward. Including 3 meetings/events a year. I love the idea of bringing back the block party on Athlone this summer!

*Officer Upchurch offers a free service to evaluate the security of our residences. I highly recommend contacting her to see where you might be vulnerable. She has 20 years of experience dealing with break-ins….

The first order of business is to order personalized (two-sided) community watch signs to hang on the mail box. The cost is approximately $9.50 per sign and Jeff White and Jackson Jett are kind enough to place the order and distribute them to whomever is interested. There was question about what name to place on the sign to personalize it since not every house participating is on Lorimer Rd. Recommendations were made to use Avent West or Lorimer Rd. Vicinity please let me know which you are partial to and we can vote on it.

If you would like a sign ordered please respond back to me by Monday the 24th so we may get the order placed in a timely fashion before the holidays.

As always….If you see suspicious activity please call 911 so it may be checked out.