Lorimer Rd Facebook Group (April 6 & 29, 2015)

These are the first posts on the subject to appear after the April 1st Information Meeting:

—Sharon Moll Mixon (4/6/2015) – Donna Moll Burford has contacted all 41 properties along Lorimer about the “sidewalk project”. I am calling it that because it all started with wanting the free sidewalks the city offers. Now we are looking at a new road so I guess I should call it the “new road project”. So far there has been a really good response but there are still a few of you that we don’t know where you stand. Feel free to send a FB message.

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—Steve Grothmann (4/29/15) – It seems like the effort for the curbs, etc. is still underway. I don’t know how everyone else on the street feels, but here’s my respectful opposition.

(1) I do not have a spare $5K+ for this sitting around, which is what it would cost us, nor do I want to pay $500+/yr X 10 yrs. (2) I have never felt unsafe walking down Lorimer, even when our kids were little. Traffic is relatively light, and it’s very easy to pause and move out of the middle when you hear a car. (3) As far as looks go, the side drainage and lack of curbs has never bothered me. I actually like the less-manicured look. (4) I would have never thought of these needs myself, other than (5) the need to resurface, which I would consider paying for, if that’s an option. I think it’s about 1/5 the cost. And (6), it would be a huge construction mess for a long time, far worse to me than a lack of curbs and sidewalks, which has never crossed my mind anyway.


– Julie Wilson Alford (5/2/15) – Thanks for posting Steve. Everyone’s opinion matters.
– Donna Moll Burford (5/4/15, 12:26pm) – Yes…I agree Jennifer
– Donna Moll Burford (5/4/15, 12:28pm) – Communication and community is what it is all about.

– Steve Grothmann (8/30/15, 12:56pm) – And it looks like this is moving forward? Does the public comment meeting matter? Is the decision still unmade? Everyone should look at the sidewalk construction on Kaplan–It means digging out yards with any slope at all. And with adding the drainage pipes it’ll be much more– for many months to get the whole street.

– Shannon Bellezza (8/30/15, 1:03pm) – Not to mention the thousands of dollars it will cost each of the residents and the millions it will cost taxpayers.