Donna Burford’s Email to Kay Crowder & Nick Sadler

From: Donna Burford
Subject: FW: Lorimer Road Work
Date: August 5, 2015
To: Nick Sadler, Kay Crowder

Hello Nick & Kay,

I would like to reiterate what Jane [Fenn] and Carolyn [Parker] have said but perhaps in a nicer way.

I would like it if you both could advocate for us and put a suggestion in that a narrower setback and sidewalk be used in the design of the Lorimer Street project. A 5’ sidewalk and a 4’ setback was suggested to me by Donetta and Jimmy with the City of Public Works as a feasible alternative to the standard 6’ sidewalk and 6’ setback because of the unique type of situation we have here. This would allow for the road to be widened and the project to stay within the right of way without being overly intrusive to the property owners that will have the sidewalk on their side.  When looking at other ongoing projects I saw that these dimensions had been approved so I mentioned this alternative to the property owners and they have all agreed that this what would be less invasive and cost effective. I believe we received a 71% approval [the actual figure is 68.3% resident approval] based on this assumption. It is my understanding that the contracts are written in a standard format and any above mentioned changes would be addressed and made at the City Council Meeting. I will be talking to the neighbors and asking them to come to the meeting in support of this project and the adjustment to the sidewalk and setback dimensions.

I would appreciate if Kay would be the one to bring up the adjustment of 5’ Sidewalk and 4’ or even 3’ setback to the rest of the council being that public speaking is not my forte. Please?

Even though I got a 71% approval from the neighbors, I know not everyone is happy about change. What is surprising to me, is which people are for and which are opposed. Even with a little opposition, in the end I believe this will unite this street and bring many positive changes with it. Everyone just needs to feel like they have been heard and things will be fair. Jane and Carolyn may feel better if they knew that the city holds an amount of land on the east side of the road to allow for a sidewalk petition for that side in the future. (At least that is my understanding-I am not the expert so please double check with Donetta.)

It is good to hear Kay will have a chance to take a vacation and enjoy the summer before it is over.

Looking forward to your support and hearing from you soon.
Donna Burford