Donetta Powell’s Email to Kenneth Dunn Re: 1300 Lorimer Road

From: Donetta Powell
To: Kenneth Dunn
CC: Jimmy Upchurch
Date: April 21, 2015, 9:38 AM


We received a phone call Monday [April 20] afternoon related to the open petition for street improvements and sidewalk proposed for Lorimer Road and apparently the property at 1300 Lorimer Road is being sold with a possible closing on Friday, April 24 th . The potential new owner [Ryan Barnum] had questions concerning the petition and wanted to know about access to the property off of Lorimer Road as currently there is a dedicated easement adjacent to Lot 12 from Lot 13 to a property located behind Lot 13, a driveway for Lot 13 as shown on the attached map (house is missing from map) and near the corner of the dirt road which is Onslow Road there is a pathway allowing access to the back yard of Lot 13 that they want to know if or confirm that they would be allowed a driveway apron for continued access to the back yard. Please take a look at it and let us know your thoughts.

We have been told from the Petitioner that she has the minimum signatures from property owners and the minimum front footage for the petition to be considered successful therefore we are pretty confident that this will become a future street and sidewalk improvement project which is good because we were all hoping that it would be.  This project will involve minimal widening, curb and gutter with sidewalk on the west side only proposed 6 foot wide on a 6 foot setback which would be on the side of the street of Lot 13. The house was apparently built very near the right-of-way and front footage and the potential owner has also asked about losing greenery and plantings and the actual placement of the sidewalk there as it is likely to be extremely near the house.

Jimmy and I took a look at it and as Jimmy said the City will allow for existing driveways at no expense to the property owner. In this case we just need to determine if that pathway as pictured below is to be considered a driveway access for Lot 13 as it was not pictured on the existing condition plan sheets. Our thoughts are that we could allow a driveway apron. Please let us know if you agree. Thanks!

[Emphasis added]

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