Donetta Powell’s Email to Jimmy Upchurch Re: Kay Crowder

From: Donetta Powell
To: Jimmy Upchurch
Sent: Sep 11, 2015, at 4:54 PM


FYI – Councilor Crowder and Nick Sadler came up on Friday afternoon looking for you and Chris to discuss Lorimer Road. Mrs Crowder is in disbelief of the turmoil evolving from this project. She said it was an 8-0 all in favor vote from Council and she is realizing that you cannot please everyone so I am not sure what her intentions are but I am thinking that she will want to see you and Chris early next week prior to the Sept. 15 th Council meeting.

We have had multiple calls about the project and Joy forwarded another [public] records request sent to Michael Williams to us today so I am going to need to try to provide all that I can to them to satisfy the requests.

Donetta Powell, Assessment Specialist