Sharon & Currie Mixon – Email to Neighbors (9/20/2015)

From: Sharon Mixon
Sent: 9/20/2015
Subject: 9/21 Meeting


I think it is great to have everyone meet together again. At the April 1st meeting most of the talking was by the two people from the city and Kay Crowder so they could answer questions about policies and practices.


Since neither Currie nor I can be there, I have a few points I would like to share:


1. In the proposed city budget for 2016 the $32.00 per liner ft price is going to $42.00. That is a 30% increase!  We think it is a positive thing that the city of Raleigh is finally willing to invest funds for our street (along with all of the homeowners’ assessment money). There are several areas of Raleigh vying for improvement dollars, and I thank Kay Crowder for her pull in helping it happen in this neighborhood.


2.  I do not think people are being intentionally misled, but I recently talked to a homeowner that was told the project would come 17 feet into his yard. I would encourage everyone that has questions to contact the city. The formula (as was explained to me) from the centerline of the road is: 11′ blacktop + 2.5′ concrete curb = 13.5′, which, in many points is more or less where the edge of the road is currently. Then add 6′ set-back + 5′ sidewalk.  The road is nominally 22′ at several sections of the road currently, so the sidewalk would extent 13.5′ from the current edge of pavement. You can see in places that the road/curb will become wider and in some, narrower. As an example, the intersection with Merwin already has the curb on the Merwin side.  When you measure the width of Lorimer there, the 27′ mark does not make it off what is black-top now.


3. There is concern regarding the loss of plants and trees and the project changing the street’s aesthetics. I was told the city’s arborists are involved in the design and that homeowners will have input at the design phase meetings.


4. If there are future meetings, I would love for there to be someone from City of Raleigh Stormwater Management Division there to answer questions and how they will assure preservation and protection of Bushy Creek.


5. Having the sidewalk on only the west side of the road raises the issue of the inequity of property impacts to only one half of the properties on the road. The only feasible solution that seems to right that concern would be to put sidewalks on both sides according to the City. However,this approach would be counter to the concern of having that smallest project footprint possible.


6.Higher traffic/faster speeds seem to also be a big concern for some.  The presence of a sidewalk certainly diminishes much of our concern, since we would no longer be walking in the street.


We have obviously thought long and hard about this petition and we stand by our signatures of support. We also believe that though this project has become a point of contention between some of our neighbors that it is not, in the end, going to drastically change the neighborhood. We still believe that the current petition is by far the best feasible scenario and that we should not let the pursuit of perfection be the enemy of the good.


Sincerely your neighbors,


Sharon and Currie Mixon