Helen Adams’ Email to Eric Haugaard

From: Helen Adams
Sent: Wednesday, December 2, 2015 5:07 PM
To: Eric Haugaard
Subject: Lorimer Survey

Thank you for responding to the Lorimer Rd. footage discrepancy between what the city printed on the map and what not only is on my 2013 survey but also recorded on the deed that is on file with the city. I will check with you again at the time you suggested. The discrepancy is holding up some construction I wish to do so thank you for giving it attention.

The majority of us on Lorimer Rd. are so excited we can not stand it. We do have a few of the minority who did not sign the petition who are being very vocal but know that you are welcome and if you are bored start at my property.

Thank you again,
Helen Adams
1301 Onslow Rd (with Lorimer Rd. footage)