Don Munn – Email Inquiry (Donetta Powell)

From: Don Munn
Sent: Monday, March 30, 2015
To: Donetta Powell
Subject: Fw: [aventchat] Fwd: IMPORTANT-April 1st Meeting-Lorimer Rd. Street Improvement Petition

I would like to know more information about this proposed improvement.  This is the first I have heard of it.  I have concerns how this will work on my lot (1420 Lorimer) as there is a 5′ – 7′ elevation change in the space we are looking at expanding the road/sidewalk into.  I am also concerned that the expenses of this rather grand, all-at-once improvement may be a bit steep.

Any and all information you can forward to me on this project would be much appreciated.


From: Donetta Powell
Sent: March 31, 2015

Mr. Munn,

We appreciate your interest in the Lorimer Road street improvement petition. The petition for the street improvements must meet a minimal approval from deeded property owners within the project parameter representing a majority in number of property owners and representing at least a majority of all lineal feet of frontage abutting the street.  We plan to stay within the existing 60’ right-of-way and based upon preliminary review staff is recommending we construct the 27’ back-to-back street   with a 6’ wide sidewalk on a 6’ setback on the west side of the street.  At the present time we do not foresee needing to obtain any additional right-of-way for construction of the project. It appears that the proposed sidewalk will be on your side of the street. Until the petition expires and is returned as a successful petition we would not have a potential design or construction schedule. There is a lengthy process for this petition to go through before we would be able to address scheduling. At this point the petition will remain open until May 18, 2015. If it is not returned to us as a successful petition it will expire with no further action. If it is returned as a successful petition we will review the petition to confirm is validity and prepare a request for a public hearing. Upon City Council authorizing a public hearing a thirty day notification of that meeting is mailed out. The project will be presented to City Council at the public hearing for their approval. If the project is approved we would then need to determine if and when funding for the project would be available before beginning the design phase of the project. Between advertising for design consultants and allowing time for the design of the project could possibly take a minimum of 12 to 24 months therefore it would be some time out before any actual work would begin.

As you are aware, there will be an informal meeting at the Western Blvd. Presbyterian Church on Wednesday, April 1 if you would like to come and speak with us about the project. I believe the meeting is scheduled to begin around 6:30 pm.   Feel free to let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks!