Water, Water Everywhere (Except in the Official Stormwater Report)

“…A big argument from Kay Crowder is that this [project] is needed for stormwater control.”

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From Donna Burford’s Talking Points/Information Sheet:

“…As part of this project the City will need to address numerous issues that you as property owners have been plagued with for many years…. Stormwater runoff…can be a thing of the past.”

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“The petition was presented to me mainly as a means to solve Beverly Thomas’s flooding problems in her yard, along with other flooding issues to her neighbors. In trying to be a good neighbor, to help people that were having flooding issues up the street from me…I signed it.”

Ryan Barnum, Lorimer Road Resident

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“The general consensus from the neighbors is that this [project] will not only provide us with a sidewalk, but will manage the storm water issues to prevent property flooding.”

Donna Burford, Petitioner (an email appeal to a Lorimer Road property owner, April 10, 2015)

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From the September 1, 2015 City Council meeting:

John Odom:  I heard a number of people discuss whether there were stormwater issues [on Lorimer Road]. Could you tell me where those are and where they’re not?

Jimmy Upchurch:  I am not familiar with any complaints or stormwater issues that people have brought forward. I am not aware that there are any specific drainage-issue complaints on the street.

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Russ Stephenson:  I’ve been cruising up and down on Google Street View and I don’t see any stormwater erosion problems that would need to be addressed by a curb and gutter and stormwater catchment-type solution.

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From: Carmela Teichman, Stormwater Education Specialist, Public Works Stormwater Management
Subject: RE: Request for Staff Comments – Lorimer Road from Kalpan Drive to Garland Drive
Date: October 13, 2015
To: Kevin Boyer, Stormwater Quality Manager

Interesting … why this wasn’t sent to Kelly and his techs is beyond me, must have been all the confusion with the change up in management, anyway if you go to the initial email from Donetta [Powell], her comments are just like they have always been, generic. I am convinced (from my own experience with doing this in my past life) that asking for our input is nothing more than a formality, or as you said “checking off a box.” It is very unfortunate that the City operates this way, it just causes more problems later on, your response is really informative, too bad it just was filed away somewhere,  just my opinion.

Thanks for sharing.

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“Misdirection” because this was, in fact, a petition for street and sidewalk improvements.

It became something of a Stormwater Petition when residents living south of Onslow Road began to share their stormwater concerns with the Petitioner and her sister.

We believe that a good number of residents living south of Onslow Road signed the Petition because it was suggested to them that, by doing so, they would be supporting a project that would at-long-last solve their (in some cases) decades-old stormwater issues.*

Four of the residents who spoke at the Public Hearing for this project (9/1/2015) described their stormwater issues, and urged Council to support the project.

– September 2, 2015 – “(They) made it very clear they have been wanting this for more than 40 years.” —Donna Burford, 9/2/2015, FB

– September 3, 2015 – “…Overwhelmingly, almost unanimously, from Kaplan to Onslow people were thrilled and excited. It was fun hearing stories of…white water rapids through front yards, washed-out driveways, flooded houses, over turned cars. I could go on and on.” —Sharon Mixon, 9/3/2015, FB

– December 3, 2015 – “Talked to owner of 1315 (Stan Pruitt) who made statement to the effect that the City caused this the drainage issues when Ahlone and Delmont Drive were constructed and that this project better correct the problem.” —from the City’s “Lorimer Road Field Survey Notes”

But WILL this project solve resident’s stormwater problems? Can this claim be substantiated?